It’s National Eating Disorder Awareness week this week 😀 is anyone doing anything?

I emailed the student union to tell them and ask if Manchester was doing anything, sadly no reply yet but there’s still time.
Valentines weekend was amazing 🙂 I had a really nice time.
Since then I’ve been a bit down… very down actually, hence my not being here at all really.
I may have a referral to the ED services in Warrington now 🙂 The guy from the MHT said he would try and get it sorted by my next appointment in two weeks (first week of March), so hopefully my referral will at least have been sent by then.

Had a kind of productive day today. Managed to get my lab report done and half tidied my room at least, which is more than usual. Currently chilling and watching meaningless telly 🙂


5 responses to “Awareness

  1. Hey, I’m glad you had a productive day. Meaningless telly is the best!

    Hopefully you can get in to the ED services soon. I don’t have any plans for awareness week–maybe I should do something.

  2. Glad you posted..
    Im a bit of a lurker…but nevertheless got worried when you hadn’t written anything in a while…

  3. Meaningless TV rocks 😉 I hope the student union get back to you, if they don’t you’ll just have to start planning for next year! I meant to do something this year but totally forgot about it, oops. I’m glad you had a good valentine’s day 🙂 good luck with the referral, I hope it comes through quickly.

  4. So happy that Valentines Day worked out for you and that your referral is being sorted out. Just remember once you get it that they are there to help you and your problems are just as valid as anyone else’s.

    Sorry you’re feeling down still ~ I hope the week picks up for you *hugs*. But meaningless TV is good for the soul: it’s nice to just sit down and try to switch off for a while, even if it is in front of ‘Desperate Housewives’ in my case 😉

    The kids at my school were little buggers, but highly intelligent. Well, at my primary school anyway…the ones at secondary school weren’t quite so cerebral. Although I lived in a rough area when I was little, I went to a well-to-do school (not private, state run but still pretty snooty) because I passed an entrance exam which allowed me to go there regardless of not being in the catchment area. So yeah, I was the least intelligent kid there pretty much, and certainly the least well-versed in reproductive terminology!

    Stay strong



  5. i hope you school does something for NEDA week! important stuff. can’t believe i haven’t heard anything on my HUGE campus (uc berkeley.) i should be proactive and start sometime, maybe next year!

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