A Day To Remember <3


For those of you who weren’t aware (so no one really), last night I went to see a band by the name of A Day To Remember. It was part of my Christmas present from Chris and I’ve been looking forwards to it since Christmas :D. There shall be picture spam :p

It was AMAZING! I spent all day totally hyper, grinning like a lunatic when I walked past the academy and the tour buses were outside, and generally annoying my flatmates by playing all three albums on repeat all day when I wasn’t in lectures. The support acts I’d never heard of but they were okay, the first one, Your Demise, was actually playing by the time we got in – seeing as I live so close we left a few minutes after the doors opened to avoid standing in a huge queue, there was still a pretty long queue when we got there (right past the SU) but it was moving so all was well. 🙂

During the support acts we managed to get into a space around the side, which was alright at first because there was plenty of breathing room. Then when the second support act, Architects, came on a good number of people moved forwards and it got a bit crowded, which I didn’t like especially seeing as I didn’t know the songs and had nothing really to distract me from the presence of so many people and the fact that I was scared of being either headbutted or stood on by a large bald man in front of me ><. Also I couldn’t see. I swear I’m too short for the kinds of gigs I like, they’re always full of 20-something year old men who tower over me. But at least it meant there weren’t a tonne of pretentious 14 year old scene kids giving people dirty looks and randomly pushing you because it makes them think they started a mosh pit. Not that I’m bitter or judgemental :P.

Anyway, between Architects and A Day To Remember I tried to go to the merch booth to get a teeshirt. Well, first we went to go buy drinks, which meant getting very crushed up against a tonne of people and bleh, didn’t like it. I have to say the ADTR merch guy was a bit crap, there were three or four people standing at the barrier wanting to buy things and he was just talking to merch guy for the Architects and ignoring everyone which I thought was a bit daft, especially as between bands is when a lot of people buy merch. Anyway, eventually Chris got served and I went to go buy something but another girl came over and waved at the merch guy and he started talking to her. I assume she was someone important obviously but still, grr. When I turned around to talk to Chris he had vanished, he said he told me he was leaving but gigs are so loud even when no one is on and he didn’t yell it down my ear so I didn’t hear. I couldn’t see him and I got really freaked out, by the time he got back the band were coming on so I just left it. To be honest I was a bit upset :(.

A Day To Remember themselves were brilliant, they played several of the songs I wanted them to play, including my two favourite ever songs – one of which is from their first album and I didn’t think they’d bother with. I was so excited. I’ve proper wrecked my voice from singing/shouting/screaming so much. I think I may have scared the people behind me when a couple of songs came on because I got really overexcited 😀 hehe. I never managed to go in the mosh pit, even though I really wanted to :(. It was my own fault, I brought a bag with me to carry everything in and I know full well that I can’t go in a mosh pit with a bag on, especially not the one I took – it’s too easy for it to fall off or someone to catch it by accident and either pull me over or choke me. I’m annoyed at myself for that, I really like mosh pits. It seems strange because I hate being in the crush in the middle of the crowd, I can’t breathe, I’ll only do it if I’m on teh barrier or 1-2 rows back from it. But in a mosh pit I can breathe, despite the running and being thrown around, because there’s space. Everyone steers clear of the mosh 😉

The songs they played were, in their main set: (in no particular order) Mr Highway’s Thinking About The End, Homesick, Have Faith In Me, Speak Of The Devil, The Danger In Starting A Fire, Over My Head (Cable Car) [it’s a cover heh], You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance [<3!] and Heartless. And in their encore they played The Downfall Of Us All and The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle ❤ 😀

I did get a shirt in the end, after the encore. Although I had to get a guy’s shirt because Chris bought the guy’s version of the only design that they had in girlyfit and I’d feel a bit weird getting the same shirt as him. Like we’d copied or something. Ah well, my shirt has Pinky&The Brain (his has Pacman) so we’re both proper cool. I didn’t hang around afterwards to try and meet the band either, I asked Chris whether we were going to hang about afterwards but he didn’t know why we would so I left it. He was knackered and I felt bad, so we went back to the flat. I was awake until 4-5am, and woke up at 7:30. Bad times!

Anyway, the afforementioned picture spam…

Pre Gig Fuel: Chicken, Cheese and Salad sammich, Yogurt and radioactive cheap energy drink

Me looking insanely happy :P. Contacts ftw where gigs are concerned.

My Teeshirt: Front & Back

Album: “For Those Who Have Heart” (2007)

1. Fast Forward To 2012
2. Speak Of The Devil
3. The Danger In Starting A Fire
4. The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle
5. Monument
6. The Price We Pay
7. Colder Than My Heart If You Can Imagine
8. Show ’em The Ropes
9. A Shot In The Dark
10. Here’s To The Past
11. I Heard It’s The Softest Thing Ever
12. Start The Shooting

Album: “And Their Name Was Treason” (2005)

1. Intro
2. Heartless
3. Your Way With Words Is Through Silence
4. A Second Glance
5. Casablanca Sucked Anyway
6. You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance
7. If Looks Could Kill
8. You Had Me At Hello
9. 1958
10. Sound The Alarm

Other songs:
Breathe Hope In Me
Heartless / Re-recorded Version from “For Those Who Have Heart” Re-issue
Last Request
Over My Head (Cable Car) / from “Punk Goes Pop 2” Compilation
Right Where You Want Me To Be
Since U Been Gone / from “For Those Who Have Heart” Re-issue
When 3’s A Crowd
Why Walk On Water, When We’ve Got Boats / from “For Those Who Have Heart” Re-issue

Now I need to go hand in my lab report and tutorial work. I’ll update again later in the week with how my appt goes today 🙂


6 responses to “A Day To Remember <3

  1. Aww you’re pretty! I love that t shirt too, it’s brilliant, I used to watch Pinky and the Brain 😛 now I’m going to have the theme tune stuck in my head all evening, doh.

  2. Awww I forgot how pretty you were 🙂

    And I love that T-shirt…those mice used to scare me when i was little!

    I’m so glad you had a great time!!

  3. Pinky and the Brain rock ~ I was addicted to Animaniacs when I was a kid 😀

    Your experience sounds a lot like the first time I saw Rammstein live ~ the euphoria was just indescribable! And I’m totally with you on how much it sucks to be short at gigs like that…tall people just have it so easy! Even in New Rock boots I couldn’t see a damn thing some of the time…but I recall that you’re a sight taller than me I think (try being 5ft 3ins in a mosh pit!)

    I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself and it’s wonderful to see your gorgeous smile.

    Good luck with the appt.



  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself–I can totally relate to the shortness problem though. I love that picture of you–you are so pretty and have such a lovely smile. And I love the t-shirt 🙂

  5. so glad you had a great time x

  6. Girrrrl! I think this is the first time I’m seeing a picture of you…and man you’re so sweeet and puuuurreeety! you need more pics of yourself, esp one with such a stunning smile!
    hee, I was grinning like a lunatic while reading this happy post, too! 😀

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