ED Team

I know really I have left but I thought, just in case anyone ever checks this still, that I should update for this.

I am now seeing the ED team in my home town. People trained in looking at eating disorders, not just the guy from the mental health services. I had my assesment over the easter holidays, early April time, and my proper treatment/therapy course starts on the 12th May. I get twelve assisted self help sessions probably over 12 or so weeks, working with a therapist to go through a self-help book, and up to three dietician appointments should I so desire – which I do. I am also now on a course of fluoxetine (Prozac) to help stabilise my mood and also hopefully supress any b/ping.

I am glad. I’m not doing great at the moment, slipped again and have been purging several times a week, constant laxative abuse ect ect ect. However I’m trying to be better, trying not to purge, trying to up my intake a little and I really hope this helps. I am positive for the future. Which is nice for a change.


3 responses to “ED Team

  1. take care sweets x

  2. Jessica Zara

    Yes, I’m so happy that you’re finally seeing some specialists about this and that your eating disorder is being taken seriously.

    I’m also glad that you’re feeling more upbeat about the future ~ I was worried when you disappeared for a while but if it’s because you’re moving on to better things then it’s all to the good 🙂

    I hope the Prozac works out for you ~ I was put on it before anyone bothered to realise that I was bipolar I and the side effects were pretty unpleasant! My uncle takes it for his unipolar depression though and it has helped him a lot, although he’s now pretty much dependent on it to calm his anxiety and stabilise his mood.

    Take care!


  3. That’s awesome. I’m glad you reached out for help…it’s a rocky road. Change won’t happen overnight. But I really was overjoyed to hear that you have HOPe…which is the KEY thing to recovery! Hang on there, my dear!

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