How Often?

ED team appointment Wednesday. The first thing they want me to do is to try and eat every two hours, it doesn’t matter what I’m eating although preferably ‘meals’ and ‘snacks’ but the focus is on regular eating rather than any form of diet plan. Yet. Obviously the increase ect will come. Right now they’re hoping the regular eating will stop me from b/ping (and as I’m in no way underweight, they don’t need to worry about getting me to gain quick). My intake is a little higher, I’m eating seven times a day after all and even though it’s hard and scary I am trying to make the ‘meals’ bigger than the snacks.

It is only day two. I learned I need to ease up at night yesterday. I felt so stuffed and nauseous when I went to bed last night and woke up still feeling nauseous. The Fluoxetine is helping too.

I hope this is a sign things can get better. I am scared but I want this to work.


4 responses to “How Often?

  1. I’m really glad you want this to work Katie 🙂 that’s half the battle to begin with. Eating more is hard at first but it does get easier. I was so stuffed for the first couple of weeks I started increasing, but it always passed. Eating seven times a day seems scary but it’s fine, lots of people like to eat every couple of hours to keep their blood sugar level and their metabolism going. I still eat every 2-3 hours and I’ve been maintaining a healthy weight for months now. Good luck love, I hope it works out for you 🙂

  2. Hang in there darling, your doing so well x

  3. its great that u r finally able to receive proper help.
    any increase in weight now will better than continued b.p right?. once u eating thing down, yr weight should stabilized.
    all the best!

  4. ~Jessica Zara~

    I think that last statement says it all and took some immense courage to make.

    Eating that often is something that everyone should try: stablising blood sugars could do wonders for mood and performance. I just wish I had the willpower to split my meals up more rather than whacking in half my RDA of calories all at once!

    So proud of you for following through with this and hope uni is going well.


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