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I Cooked!

Very quick post, since the last there have been several downs in terms of mood but some big (to me) ups in terms of food.

1. I cooked. On my own. Granted I microwaved because I lack any real cooking equipment bar a saucepan, but I was in the kitchen, making food that kind of looks like it could pass as a real meal. Albeit a fairly low calorie one :\

Two cod loins and salad, one had Levi Roots Reggae Reggae BBQ sauce on it, the other had some lemon 🙂

Biiig picture, sorry. Ah well you can laugh at my photography :P. I was stupidly pleased with myself at cooking, it was a bit redicularse to be fair. Someone came into the kitchen as I was leaving and gave me a weird look because I was grinning at food. Haha, oh well. That was yesterday, not sure if/when I’ll manage to cook again but yeah, yay?

2. I’ve been having breakfast! The past two days I managed to make myself have breakfast and I haven’t binged or overly restricted to make up for it. It still feels really weird and I still feel like I’ve eaten too much by the end of the day but oh well.

I think atm I’m going to stick with just having breakfast and occasionally cooking something in the kitchen as my challenges. At least until I’m comfortable with them, ie not freaking out over how much I’ve eaten and using some (useless) safety nets. After that who knows, maybe I’ll be able to cut down weighing? Obsessive calorie counting and planning?

Also I tidied my room today, well kind of. There’s still a tonne of stuff under the bed I have no place for, but it made me feel better. I let my room get a mess and it makes me feel down but then I feel to crappy to do anything about it. But I did today, I’ve got a to-do list for the week. Did well with things yesterday, less well today but never mind. I’m going back to watching the Big Bang Theory ❤ 😉

Nerds & Physics ftw.



If actions spoke louder than words, you’d have made me deaf by now
You make it seem so easy to love me for who I really am, am.

It’d break my heart, if we fell apart.
It’d be so hard to let you go
It’d break my heart, if we fell apart.
It’d be so hard to watch you go

So let’s not dwell on all those things we should of said
As piece by piece I can pick you up off of my floor (off my floor)
So let’s not dwell on all those things we should of said
As piece by piece I can pick you up off of my floor (off my floor)

It’s so crazy how it’d make my week just to hear them mention your name
Is it so hard to understand how you’ve got me right in the palm of your hand?

Your Way With Words Is Through Silence – A Day To Remember (click)

On Thursday (March 11th) I’m seeing them live with Chris as part of my Christmas present :p. I am so excited it is unreal! If I don’t come out of this gig with bruises I did something wrong though haha.

Anyhoo, aside from the occasional excitement in my life things have been up and down. I was doing alright this week for a while, not as awesome on the self care as I should have been and there were a couple of total freak out moments which were really bad but there were plenty of good moments too. I went to most of my lectures, which is good for me this semester (I’m pretty ashamed how much I’ve let myself slip) and I did all the notes and my lab report and coshh form so I’m up to date on my work for the most part minus notes from Friday. I’ve also been doing better with thoughts and stuff. When I gained a little on Thursday I managed to not freak out and still ate things, I even cooked fish in the kitchen. And I tried to have breakfast on Friday, ended up being brunch at 11 because I overslept but oh well. I still had lunch and eat just at later times.

The appointment went okay. I’m officially going to have my eating disorder services referral go through on Monday, he had to weigh me and measure my height to get my BMI first. I told him I was scared because I was wearing clothes and on my period and I knew it would be heavier than it should but he was really nice about it and let me get weighed backwards so I didn’t see what it was. So that’s that for now. And I am trying to do better with eating, pushing myself but not too hard and yeah, trying. But at the same time I have that little voice in my head saying that if I try and if I start doing a little better then they won’t see me any more because I won’t be ill any more. I know in my heart it’s not true but it makes things hard sometimes y’know?

Friday ended badly. I b/ped really late (11:30-12:00), not 100% sure why. I think being at home and up late did it, weird trigger but oh well. For some reason my tea came up then, that’s a good five-six hours later. It really freaked me out and made me really mad at myself because I was so determined to keep my tea down. I know I shouldn’t have purged at all but eurgh. I’m trying not to let it set me back though, having a small freak out about burgers because I had to get the non-light choice so my sister would eat it but I’m determined to make it through.

Trying to stay positive.


I appear to be stuck. I am (not so) suddenly incapable of eating breakfast… this has been going on for a while now and it’s causing all kinds of knock on problems. I’m struggling with getting to late morning lectures because I’m hungry and exhausted and blargh and it’s making labs even harder because as well as being not particularly enthusiastic or happy to be there, I’m hungry and lacking energy. I did try to have breakfast a few times, the breakfast itself was alright, the after-effects not so much. I felt like I’d binged and eaten way too much, which isn’t fact but the emotion was overwhelming, this either lead to me struggling to eat later in the day or just flat out binging. Neither are good. I know there’s a way to work around this but I’m not sure how, I guess I’ll probably just have to do it with a meal plan of sorts and just fight through the emotions. I just don’t want to 😦

In the same vein I keep getting into food ruts. It’s totally disordered but honestly boring. A few weeks ago it was just protein based food, lots of just cold deli meat out of the packet. More recently it was yogurt, and a couple of days of yogurt with fruit. The theme of this week appears to be sandwiches. Don’t get me wrong, sandwiches is a good thing. I went on a low-carb spazz and only recently got carbs back in my diet, now I seem to be overloading… four slices of bread a day can’t be good for me. Wonder what the theme of the week next week will be, maybe I’ll cycle *sigh*. I really need to try and mix it up. It’s just the foods I can prepare (kitchen issues still going strong) and the foods I feel ‘safe’ eating are so limited, even when Chris is here we have the same sorts of things over and over (burger patties, chicken grills, fish pie, fish fingers…). I really really hope my referral is going through.

On side notes:
1. I drink waaaay too much squash. I’ve had like 4-5litre bottles of water (refilled two bottles frequently lol) and about a litre of squash today. It’s a really good thing I do get sugar-free/no-added-sugar/low calorie stuff when I’m having that amount!
2. Did I ever mention that I have a house for next year? If I did sorry for bringing it up again, I’m glad it’s sorted though.
3. Possible bragging ahead… you have been warned.

I got my exam results yesterday:
Introductory Chemistry (main Chem module): 59%.
Quantatative Chemistry (basically GCSE and basic A-Level maths): 84% – I should have done better there, I did the maths A level for chrissakes and got a B. Plus it was multiple choice. *facepalm*
Physics (<3): 61% – I wish I’d done better, but I’m really happy with my mark because it was hard.
Synthesis Labs: 45%
Measurements Labs: 69%
(Labs are ongoing, guess which I like better though? 😉 )
Overall Average: 64% which is a 2:1

I don’t know how to feel. I knew if I’d done brilliantly (over 75-80%) I’d be happy with myself and maybe have more confidence in what I’m doing. If I’d done terribly I’d drop out and start again somewhere less research oriented and more student orientated – somewhere with a higher than 73% student satisfaction (we’re pretty far down the table) and with less lab hours, or at least less consecutive lab hours. I’d probably change degree course to something more physics/physical chemistry based. I like maffs 8) just don’t have a good enough set of grades or understanding to do well on a maths degree.
As it is I’m stuck in limbo, I don’t fully enjoy my course and i know it will get harder and I’ll struggle more. I doubt I put enough effort in as it is, I just don’t have my heart in it. We’re supposed to do 100hrs personal study on top of lectures for each of our modules, this semester that adds up to around 600-700 hours. Gives me about 10hrs of free time a day, if I don’t use any of my weekend (Saturday & Sunday) for university work.

I feel sick. My stomach has been iffy recently to be honest, I don’t know whether it’s something I’m eating (slight dairy intolerance?) or drinking (although it’s been three days since I last had alcohol, which usually does it for me). Also I gave up chocolate and sweets for lent (Chocolate does not cover hot chocolate because tbh I doubt options contains any real cocoa mass, and sweets doesn’t cover toffee ;). I have both rarely anyway, so it’s not a huge overlooking but I suck really). I made the mistake of googling “giving up chocolate for lent” and faced a lot of blog posts with a lot of venom over that, saying it’s a stupid idea and we should give up something proper like meat or dairy. I feel bad now, like I’m not doing lent well enough, but I didn’t want to restrict my already restricted diet any more and well, sweets and chocolate are some of my fre regular indulgences.

Also, this post by Vanilla asked a really interesting question that I said I’d answer here instead of in comments because the list is so long. What foods do I “not like” because the ED won’t let me like them, but really I find them tasty…
1. White pasta and rice – this is more recent after my lowcarb sillyness, but yeah.
2. Potatoes – I love potatoes, but again with the carb thing. They scare me now.
3. Deep pan pizza – this is an iffy one, I do kind of like it a bit (mmm, dough) but I think I do genuinely prefer thin and crispy.
4. Chocolate Cake – never tell anyone about this… I am still adamant I won’t eat it with my family >.>
5. Supernoodles – calories 😦 The buggers are cheap too.

What’s sad is I’m sure I can think of more. Brain is currently fried, several nights of falling asleep late, waking up several times during the night then waking for good around 8-8:30 am (thanks cleaners this morning, I was finally getting good sleep!) has killed me.

Hopefully I’ll update again soonish. I’m going to try for once a month or so 🙂

Weekdays and Bleakdays

Must. Post. More. Often.

I spent the weekend down at Keele university visiting the boything. I don’t know if anyone has ever been down there but it’s really nice. I didn’t think I’d like campus universitites (the bubble effect) but I’ve decided that acually I kind of do. I know I’d be a lot less scared going to the shop or the union on my own in the evening (especially now it gets dark so early) on a campus university. Maybe I’m a snob and that’s why, but I know my accomodation is quite near Moss Side (apologies if any of you come from there cause I’m about to make some major assumptions here) and a few other “troubled” areas of Manchester. That means a lot of crime, some scary looking people on the streets and generally a nervous Katie. I’m sure a lot of the population of these areas are lovely people, but I’ve had a sheltered upbringing and hearing about shootings, stabbings, muggings ect around this area fairly frequently kind of puts you off.

I do like Manchester (and other city unis) for it’s convienience though. I mean, I have a Tesco Express, Lidl and Superdrug down the road. Although Lidl scares me slightly because I can’t always gets nutritional information on their food and they start scanning the other person through before you’ve even finished packing your bags once you’ve paid. So I’m a bit of a supermarket snob and doing my shopping at Tesco Express (and I’ll do it at Asda once I figure out how the hell to get there). There’s also the academies, which are amazing for gigs and I love going there. We have really cheap student bars everywhere (£2.30 for a double vodka diet coke in my hall bar, it was £3.70 in my boyfriends hall bar!) andthree train stations within walking distance, though I mostly use Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Picadilly. The town centre is also walking distance. While I’m sure you can walk to Newcastle-Under-Lyme from Keele and they do have a shop on campus, campus unis aren’t as convienient for that.

I had a really good weekend though. Foodwise it was a bit insane. I didn’t take anything with me obviously and the boything isn’t exactly stocked up on ED friendly foods. We had pizza… dominoes meateor, which was gross (and I’ve decided that I maybe didn’t become a vegetarian for the best reasons, so I’ve gone back on that descision a little, although I did picl 90% of the meat off) when is BBQ sauce on pizza a good idea. I only had a couple of slices before I felt really sick and by then ED was screaming at me. To my shame I drank to shut him up. Then the next day we went out with his dad, to wetherspoons, and I have a veggie burger and chips. Which was kind of a success, though I felt crappy the next day. I have been trying to eat slightly better while at uni, but the kitchen issue, stress and having two supermarkets down the road plus a convience store across the road and a greggs and other convience store around the corner have led to some pretty bad cycles of binge, restrict. I guess one bonus of sharing a bathroom is that the fear of being caught has stopped me purging as much as I would have at home or with an en suite.

I’m also considering changing my course. I always thought I really loved lab work… turns out what I loved about lab work in college was how informal and hilarious it was. That was down to both the teachers and the people. If we totally screwed something up or broke a buchner flask, then we laughed and the teacher didn’t care. I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but if it was an experiement that mattered and we got it horribly wrong, the teachers would just tell us to fix up our answers a bit. Even doing coursework we all talked and had a laugh, and if something went wrong someone yelled ‘FUCKING HELL!’ across the classroom and when the teacher came in she laughed at us. We ate in the lab (bad people, dangerous I know) and we had a laugh. In uni it’s very “stop making s much noise, concentrate, if this goes wrong we’ll string you up by the (metaphorical) balls and make you do it again plus you’ll lose marks” whick kinda sucks. I do very much enjoy the physical & inorganic sides to chemistry, things like kinetics, the structure of atoms (though imo that’s more physics) and metallic complexes. That interests me. It’s also only a small part of the course. I have been loving my physics lectures though, but I need to talk to someone fast to say that I’m unhappy if I wish to transfer this year and not be held back.

Has anyone ever changed course by the way? Or changed uni? If you could give me advice or anecdotes that would be awesome 🙂  (I think that was the correct use of anecdotes, I was never brilliant at english).

Also, now I’ve finally gotten around to it, the lovely Jessica gave me this award:

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Which is the first ever award I’ve ever recieved! 😮
So first… 7 facts about me:

1. I am currently obsessed with cardigans, over summer and spring I wore them almost non-stop. However, in Manchester it’s that cold that I’m currently living in a jumper and my MCR hoodie (much warmer than any of my cardies) and still freezing my ass off.

2. Apparently I talk strangely. No one (even in Warrington) will believe I’m from Warrington becaise I “sound posh”. Considering half my family is from Yorkshire and those are the people I see the most this is strange. I stress the ‘oh’ in no and the ‘ah’ in bath/castle/garage, yet I still say “I’m goin’ t’loo”. =p One day I will record my voice and you can laugh.

3. I have a strange fear of proteins (mostly meats). Most ED’d people are scared of carbs, I’ll eat a tonne of bred but show me a steak and I’ll run a mile. At present the proteins I can handle are: baked beans, wafer thin ham, veggie protein, milk (in coffee/tea) and eggs.

4. I am a caffiene addict. I drink several cups of coffee and tea a day. It’s very bad for me and I think it’s turning my teeth yellow.

5. When someone tried to scare me about my accomodation saying we often got mice, my only reply was “oh cool, I’ll buy a cage and keep it. Can’t be a pet if it’s already there!”. Spiders on the other hand, freak me the hell out.

6. I like accents yet I can hardly understand what people with a strong accent say. I’m sure this makes me come across as some sort of racist because if someone forgeign is talking to me I often struggle to understand what they say, part of it is down to a hearing problem I have anyway, and part of it is just me being dense. At the same time I love to listen to welsh and irish accents, even if I don’t know what they’re saying.

7. I’m a huge geek. I love numbers, 7 is my favourite, I also like palindromic numbers and sequences like 1234, 2468 ect. When I was looking through the course content for the boything’s course the phrase “ooooh, quantum mechanics” actually left my mouth without me realising it! At the same time, I can’t do times tables. I’ve mastered 2, 4 (ish), 5, 9 (ish) and 10. That is the extend of my skills… ><

Now to tag 7 people. I think the people I would tag have all already been tagged. And I’ll have to run if I want to get to my lecture on time, so I’ll come back and do this later. 🙂

Adios Kids!

Katie x



I found my camera 🙂 though I can only imagine it’s working part time as my iPod charger because now I’ve found the camera I’ve lost the charger. I don’t think they’ve ever been seen together at the same time.It’s a mystery… quick, call Miss Marple! =p

Anyway… pictures!

Slightly blurry... very chocolatey :)

Slightly blurry... very chocolatey 🙂

Apple Pie Oats - cinnamon, apple, raisins

Apple Pie Oats - cinnamon, apple, raisins

Tropical fruit flake oats

Tropical fruit flake oats

The "I have no idea what's in this bowl" oats. Answers on a postcard ;P

The "I have no idea what's in this bowl" oats. Answers on a postcard ;P

And this morning’s (tasty) bowl:

Cherry Berry Choc Pie Oats - oats, 1/2 pot blueberry activia, chopped glace cherries, 2 giant choc buttons broken up and swirled in

Cherry Berry Choc Pie Oats - oats, 1/2 pot blueberry activia, chopped glace cherries, 2 giant choc buttons broken up and swirled in

I’m making these again, they were creamy and delicious. Which reminds me, those of you who put yogurt in your oats do you put the yoghurt in before, during (like half way through) or after cooking? And does when you add the yoghurt affect the final taste in any way?

I have eaten more than oats these last few weeks I promise! I just don’t seem to have photographed anything. *facepalm*
Yesterday was a bit of a failure on my part, I might blog about it later. But for now I’m off to watch catch-up tv. I missed Jamie’s American Roadtrip! How dare I?

Hope the weekend is good to you all! 🙂

Katie x


Friday was possibly the most successful day foodwise I have ever had. Okay so breakfast was low calorie (end pieces of a loaf of WeightWatchers Brown Bread… or airbread. Seriously, the end pieces are the only vaguely filling bits of it!) but the rest of the day went so well. First I agreed to go out to a meal, my mum was so happy it was odd. As you can imagine I’m not the ‘yeah, let’s go out. I’ll find the resturaunt!’ person. Granted I only agreed because I was allowed to pick the resturaunt, and I spent all morning looking at menus. But I did send my mum three places, two of which I’ve never been before, to pick between. She chose the Green Dragon in Lymm (this place) which I have never been to before, but more on that later.
Then at lunch, even though I brought Snack-a-Jacks and an apple to have, I bought a salad from Sainsbury’s again (I really need to stop getting spicy chickpeas, they’re too hot for me. But they didn’t have any couscous & tuna sweetcorn pasta with creamy sauce is too far) and a cupcake to have! I should have brought my camera! You know that cute cupcake I said my mum had last week? Well I got one and it’s adoreable but I forgot my camera 😦 I had my apple anyway because a girl needs her fruit fix 🙂 The cupcake was really nice actually. The frosting was a bit sweet for me and not as lemony as I’d have liked (that being said I like my lemony things tasting like the actual lemon XD) but the cake was wonderful! Light and airy and moist. I, being the cupcake conneseiur I clearly am, would definitley reccomend you try one if you’re in sainsbury’s with a sweet tooth 😉

Sadly the meal out didn’t happen Friday. 😦 After I spent hours on end picking places and everything!
The boy was out to a friends meal and he couldn’t make it, when I told my mum she decided we should go to the meal Saturday. That kind of shook me up because then I had no idea what to do for tea and we hadn’t bought anything at shopping. Blah. In the end I went for ww pasta with tomatoes, quorn and cheese. It was really nice 🙂 And afterwards I went to my grandma’s to tell her about my results and I had a slice of carrot and orange cake, which was really nice and tasty and I had it because I wanted it 🙂

So the night wasn’t great. Blah. I was up till 4:30 am looking up university stuff, sorting out accomodation and downloading audiobooks and I kept eating (ick). I then woke up the next morning at 7:30, with three hours sleep behind me and 2lbs heavier than the day before. I know most of that was just lack of sleep and the fact I’d eaten only a couple of hours earlier. But still, y’know when you’re tired you can get irritable and easily upset? (Well I do anyway) ED took that and ran with it. My stomach was a little bloated anyway but that kept growing in my head and I felt so yuck. By 11 I was ready to curl up and die. I still had that meal to go for… which was looking less and less attractive and exciting and like something I wanted to go for. Tried to get some more sleep but it didn’t happen 😦

Anyway we went for the meal around six. I was planning on having the soup of the day but it was watercress and brie and my mum told me I needed to have something bigger. *sighs* In the end I ordered the roasted mediterranean vegetable risotto from the daily specials menu, which was a lot cheesier than I expected. I ate all the vegetables but left a lot of the rice. Especially after I spotted the oil in the dish. My mum and boyfriend both had the gammon and chips and my sister ordered the roasted salmon. We all had half a slice of cheesy garlic bread 🙂 We also had deserts. My sister and mother both had vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate, the boy had a chocolate fudge brownie and they somehow convinced me to order the apple and gooseberry crumble. Lesson learned here, don’t order a dish that is more expensive than the rest on the menu no matter what everyone at the table says about “just have it!” because I will be a sharing size dish. Even my mum agreed it was meant for two-three people… I managed about two mouthfuls lol.

I feel like I wasted a lot of food on Saturday but oh well, I’m not going out again for quite a while I hope so I can look after myself. Today I’m not feeling too great (bloated and sick) but I did have a nice meal yesterday so I’m sticking to that. Though I wish my mum would stop saying ‘you’re doing very well’ and ‘you did very well’ as if I was a two year old. Sorry I didn’t get any pictures! No one in my family knows about this blog so getting pictures of my food out and about, or even in general, is a bit of a problem =P

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend 🙂

Katie x


There are open boxes of cereal in my kitchen. Two of them. o.o
This sounds like such a daft thing to be stressing over, but Katie + open boxes of cereal = disaster. I have been known to devour whole boxes at once. Plus, we don’t really have a cereal cupboard which would stop me just diving in, they’re kinda just there on the floor (tops closed to stop air getting in, bag inside open). We are an odd family.
Anyway, I’m a bit stressed out at the moment due to that and I can’t really just ask my mum to move the cereal because she wouldn’t understand and my sister would move it back. And well, asking my sister would end in her taking the piss/saying something nasty. She is perhaps not the most understanding of people.
At the moment I’m doing okay resisting the urges to dive right in. I just hope it lasts long enough for me to grow some balls (metaphorically) and tell mein mother about my problem. *sigh*

After that last post I’ve actually eaten loads today. I knew that would happen. Sadly it hasn’t been a ‘oh I need to get back on track’ eating loads, rather a ‘I’m not hungry but I’m stressed and feel awful so I’m eating like a horse and maybe I’ll manage to keep my head out of the toilet this evening’ eating more. 😦 Yuck. I wish I was the sort of person who got stressed and didn’t eat, like my friends are. Dear god that’s and eating disordered way to think… stress!

I’m going to get my A Level results tomorrow, arriving between 9 and 9:30 (depeing on when the boy gets his ass in gear). I’m so scared. Tomorrow will also be the day most of my teachers discover I smoke (terrible habit, never pick it up) because regardless of whether I get AAAA or UUUU my nerves will be fried and I’ll be chainsmoking to calm myself down.
To be honest whether I get into Manchester, or university at all, or not I still have a lot that I’m worring about. If I do get in my lack of confidence in myself is leaving me scared I won’t make it through my degree. Especially not with the kind of results I expect in myself and many others expect from me. (I was the kid who got straight A’s at AS and still beats herself up about that one B in GCSE art, perfectionism is a bitch and here means people expect the same grades of you over and over). I found the last few Chemistry modules really hard, I really struggle with Organic Chemistry which is 1/3 of the course, and I’m starting to wonder whether Physics wouldn’t have been the better degree option.
As well as the academics there’s the whole social aspect and eating side of everything. I’m shy, introverted unless I’m drunk and totally not independant at all. I’m not sure how I will cope with living alone and around a lot of strangers. The eating comes into that too. I’m scared I’ll find it harder to make friends because I’ll be ducking out of commitments all the time or just not going out when it involves food (as well as the possibility of coming home for therapy), and I’m scared that living alone with no one to really kick my ass into gear with eating will mean I slip back even more.

I guess I just shouldn’t be allowed to think too much. ;p
I have been looking at the positives of university as well. Good education will hopefully mean better job prospects, I may well eand up with loads of new friends, there’s loads of new stuff for me to try. I won’t totally lose contact with my old friends. There’s counselling at both uni’s I applied to if treatment at home falls through and I’m sure they’ll help if my eating slips. Student nights! Learning to be independant. I know there’s so much to look forwards to, I just have to try and remember it when my mind is taking me to dark places all the time.

Also I’ve been working on healthier habits, like drinking 2L or more of water a day instead of 2L of coffee! Especially during work I’m always back and forth to the coffee machine across the hall (number 16 is black coffee, add one sweetener XD) and the bin soon fills with cups. *shakes head* It’s bad for me and the environment so I’ve been trying to use the water fountain more. I can reuse water cups :P. I’m doing good on the 2L+ of water (even if I am back and forth to the loo a lot more… sorry TMI) and down to 2 – 3 coffees during work. At home I’m not as good. Coffe before work, coffe & diet coke in the evening. Tea before bed. *facepalm* I’m replacing some with green tea and squash but yeah, still working on that. 🙂
Could do with more excercise too. I occasionally pop across the building to see my mum, but really there’s nowt for me to do there so I just come back, and I hate bothering everyone up there. I walk around Sainsbury’s at lunch (I’d walk there but I go with mum and she’s not up to that and won’t let me just go and carry the shopping back) I guess, but by the time I get home I’m knackered. I try and walk back from the boyfriends (~3 miles) when I go over which calms me but really I miss being more active during the day like I was at college. Oh well, I finish work on the 4th September which gives me two weeks to be active and sort my uni stuff out.

On that positive note, two eats from the last couple of days! (because I suck and that’s all I photomagraphed)

Oats cooked in green tea with a biscuit crumbled in.

Oats cooked in green tea with a biscuit crumbled in.

Lunchbox! Sammich, salad, fudge & popcorn. :)

Lunchbox! Sammich, salad, fudge & popcorn. 🙂

And on that tasty note I’m over and out.
If you don’t hear from me with my results by the end of Friday (even if it’s just a super quick post) then my head exploded lol
Good luck to everyone else getting their results tomorrow or in the following wekks (I know GCSE results are soon too) I hope you all get the results you want and need and get into your first choice university/college. I’m sure you will.
And those of you who are in university or have been to university… any coping tips? hehe
Much love.
Katie x