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Good Day

Today will be a good day. This weekend will be a good weekend, even if I have to fight every second of the way to make it like that. Today is mine and my boyfriends one year anniversary of dating *blush*. I know it seems like a silly thing to be making a big fuss of (or at least that’s what my mum tells me) especially when people usually celebrate marriage not dating, but just over a year ago I never thought anyone would ask me out ever. I figured I was too fat and ugly and too messed up to be asked out, hell even up until the point he actually asked me I never thought anyone would really be interested in me in more than a ‘quick bit of entertainment while I look for someone better’ kind of way.

A lot has changed since I met Chris. And I mean a lot. I’ve been to the doctors about my eating disorder, more than once. I made an attempt at starting recovery, relapsed and now I’m trying to start again. I have a referral to MH services and the ED services. I’ve become happier, slightly more confident, I can use trains and buses without freaking out too much, I’ve grown up and I have something to live for. I wouldn’t have ever done any of that without him, definitley not any of the recovery stuff. I’m not hinging my life on one person, even though I guess it seems like it sometimes, but this relationship has done amazing things for me and I can’t ignore that either. Those are just some of the few *points* 🙂

In other news:
Manchester hasn’t emailed me back. There hasn’t even been a group e-mail to all students since I sent mine. It’s Thursday so I guess they aren’t doing anything – they’re very focused on fairtrade fortnight though.
I’m still bleh. Days are up and down but I couldn’t say I was doing well. I really don’t care about myself right now. I haven’t changed my top in too many days. Haven’t washed my hair or shaved in too many days. I’ve been missing lectures, which I never thought I’d do. I just don’t care enough about anything really. I’ve been trying to do work though, currently working on an Organic tutorial sheet for tomorrow and I’ve promised myself I’ll turn up to both afternoon lectures today and shower, wash my hair, shave, the works tonight. And I really hope Chris never reads that because I am so disgusted with myself right now.

Hope no one is reading this over a meal or anything, I’m so sorry if I’ve disgusted you with any of this and I don’t blame you if you stop reading altigether, I’m gross. Okay, off to finish working.



Those freaky looking plants up there are Triffids 😀 Kind of fitting as I’m sat here watching the BBC remake of Day of the Triffids whilst I’m typing. I have to say it’s very good.

Christmas was… Christmas. I managed to not purge and ate more than I was 100% comfortable with so I didn’t restrict, but there was some unfortunate laxative usage. *cringe* Unpleasant to say the least.

Christmas at my Grandma’s is fairly samey year in – year out, although we made some slight changes this year in that my sister and I opened our presents at the same time as the adults (we usually open then first). I’m not going to list everything I got (I feel like a spoilt brat and hate myself because people spend money on me), just mention the main things. My family – the adults – got me a new phone (Samsung F400) and a George Foreman grill for next year when I have my own house. My little sister got me Michael Mackintyre and Jimmy Carr stand up DVDs and my boyfriend got me a caffiene molecule tee shirt and tickets for us both to see A Day To Remember. 😀

It’s strange, my sister loves receiving gifts from people. The more expensive and the more of them the better. I feel like shit if my mum gets me more than a card and a gift voucher. I hate people spending money on me, but I’d be more than happy to spend a fortune on others if I could. Blah. Sorry if I made anyone feel bad mentioning what I received, I can delete that whole paragraph. I just wanted to kind of, give thanks to my family. :\ Does that make sense?

The aftermath of Christmas has been less than pretty. I’ve been attempting to restrict, then unable to sleep and binging in the middle of the night because there’s so much food and I’m scared of it. Somewhere something in my mind says “it’s safer and better to just eat it all now, binge and purge and then it’s gone” and sometimes when I’m lonely and hungry and sad I don’t care to fight it. I know I should, I pretty much always manage to fight the purging (haven’t since before the 25th) but the binging… urgh. It’s making me feel so much worse than usual. Time seems to drag too. I feel like it’s been weeks since I updated, since I came home. It’s been only a few days. I hate it. I’m going crazy cooped up in the house, it’s hard to go out because the road and path are both totally solid ice still. I want to smoke, but being caught smoking or smelling of it by my mum is more trouble than it’s worth.

I need to start revising. I just don’t want to. It stresses me out and I have no way of finding out if my answers are right or wrong with no markscheme and no way of getting my answers to my tutor. Physics I am entirely on my own whether I could be in uni or not.

So much for a happy holiday 😦
Hope everyone else is doing better than I am

Katie x


I’ve tried writing this once already and lost it. Here’s hoping this one works.

We’re ignoring that I’ve not updated for over a month mkay? 😉 Since that last update things went uphill, then came crashing back down.

I was doing okay, for me. I was eating more, nowhere near the RDA I admit, but it was more. I started using the kitchen a little bit to cook pasta and rice and such. I was eating one ‘scary’ thing a week with my boyfriend there for hugs when I needed them (including half a pepperoni pizza). I was even enjoying my course more. Things were looking up.

Then. Something happened. I’m not sure what, probably a combination of things. Moving on to a topic in Chemistry that I’ve always struggled with and realising I was finding it ten times harder now, stepping on the scales and realising just how much I had put on since starting uni, how much heavier I was than Christmas and how quickly the dreaded day was coming up, and how much I fail at making friends. Anyway, world crashing down. I cut back my intake enormously, cried a lot more, self harmed a lot more (and slightly more severely) than before, drank more – to the point of throwing up every time – and spent weekends at home binging and purging and hardly keeping a mouthful down. In short – utter wreck. I lost almost all of the weight I put on since arriving at uni (minus a binge or two kept down that added pounds) and alienated everyone. I was slightly better in Keele, the rural-ness calms me, in Manchester I get scared when I go out that I’ll be attacked (not entirely impossible when you’re alone in the dark in this area as I often am now Winter is here) and the number of people overwhelms me. I honestly can’t walk down the road without walking past at least one person who looks more than a little underweight most days.

Everything got to it’s worst Friday night. I had a long day, feeling like crap (yeah restriction will do that to you) and having sat through a maths test that made me doubt everything I knew (and if I even knew anything) I came back to my boyfriend telling me that he couldn’t stand seeing me upset over food any more. He couldn’t do our relationship. Cue head: “you are an unloveable monster.” After a long, long, tearful night we are still together (or back together, I’m unsure whether we actually officially broke up) but I’m walking on eggshells. Of course this wasn’t before, fuelled by the realisation that I (and my ED) was managing to destroy the one really good thing in my life, I did some very stupid and very impulsive things that resulted in me waking up at 6:45 the next morning and immediatley throwing up in my bin before passing out again.

Anyway. Back at square one right now, with a long list of things I need to try and do in order to preserve the relationship I have become so embarrasingly dependant on lately and to work towards recovery.

  • I can’t get upset over food (definitley not around the boyfriend anyway).
  • I can’t drink until I puke.
  • I can’t get upset or irritable if we do nothing but lie in bed all day just curled up/sleeping.
  • I have to keep eating scary things.
  • I have to be happy.

In return he agreed to eat lunch between 12 and 3:30 and tea any time after 5 when he’s with me so I have a) some structure, and b) someone to eat with. I struggle with being with someone and being the only one eating. If I have to do that you can be sure I’ll have some kind of breakdown. I still need to go to the counselling service, perhaps after Christmas now I’m in my last week. It’s hard for me to get to them because it either involves talking on the phone (huge stressor for me, I get very panicky with phonecalls) or walking in there (issue because I have problems saying that I’m struggling out loud, too long lieing that I’m fine I guess). But it needs to be done eventually.

Friday night also made me realise that I need to make friends here. My two close friends from home who also attend Manchester were both back in my hometown that night and I had no one else to turn to. I have problems making friends it seems. I’m always so shy and so scared of what everyone with think of me I end up hiding away and not making the first move. I joined three societies, ChemSoc, RAW (the rock society) and the LGBT society. I went to one RockSoc meetup and never went to another society meeting again. I felt awkward and everyone seemed to know each other. Now I’m too scared to go again because it seems too late. I should, maybe I’ll be braver one day.

Anyway, I’m off to chill with a hot cup of tea, my advent calander choccie and the Rob and Jim show from KUBE radio in Keele. If anyone happens to read this between now and 10pm check it out

Adioski guys

Katie x

Weekdays and Bleakdays

Must. Post. More. Often.

I spent the weekend down at Keele university visiting the boything. I don’t know if anyone has ever been down there but it’s really nice. I didn’t think I’d like campus universitites (the bubble effect) but I’ve decided that acually I kind of do. I know I’d be a lot less scared going to the shop or the union on my own in the evening (especially now it gets dark so early) on a campus university. Maybe I’m a snob and that’s why, but I know my accomodation is quite near Moss Side (apologies if any of you come from there cause I’m about to make some major assumptions here) and a few other “troubled” areas of Manchester. That means a lot of crime, some scary looking people on the streets and generally a nervous Katie. I’m sure a lot of the population of these areas are lovely people, but I’ve had a sheltered upbringing and hearing about shootings, stabbings, muggings ect around this area fairly frequently kind of puts you off.

I do like Manchester (and other city unis) for it’s convienience though. I mean, I have a Tesco Express, Lidl and Superdrug down the road. Although Lidl scares me slightly because I can’t always gets nutritional information on their food and they start scanning the other person through before you’ve even finished packing your bags once you’ve paid. So I’m a bit of a supermarket snob and doing my shopping at Tesco Express (and I’ll do it at Asda once I figure out how the hell to get there). There’s also the academies, which are amazing for gigs and I love going there. We have really cheap student bars everywhere (£2.30 for a double vodka diet coke in my hall bar, it was £3.70 in my boyfriends hall bar!) andthree train stations within walking distance, though I mostly use Manchester Oxford Road and Manchester Picadilly. The town centre is also walking distance. While I’m sure you can walk to Newcastle-Under-Lyme from Keele and they do have a shop on campus, campus unis aren’t as convienient for that.

I had a really good weekend though. Foodwise it was a bit insane. I didn’t take anything with me obviously and the boything isn’t exactly stocked up on ED friendly foods. We had pizza… dominoes meateor, which was gross (and I’ve decided that I maybe didn’t become a vegetarian for the best reasons, so I’ve gone back on that descision a little, although I did picl 90% of the meat off) when is BBQ sauce on pizza a good idea. I only had a couple of slices before I felt really sick and by then ED was screaming at me. To my shame I drank to shut him up. Then the next day we went out with his dad, to wetherspoons, and I have a veggie burger and chips. Which was kind of a success, though I felt crappy the next day. I have been trying to eat slightly better while at uni, but the kitchen issue, stress and having two supermarkets down the road plus a convience store across the road and a greggs and other convience store around the corner have led to some pretty bad cycles of binge, restrict. I guess one bonus of sharing a bathroom is that the fear of being caught has stopped me purging as much as I would have at home or with an en suite.

I’m also considering changing my course. I always thought I really loved lab work… turns out what I loved about lab work in college was how informal and hilarious it was. That was down to both the teachers and the people. If we totally screwed something up or broke a buchner flask, then we laughed and the teacher didn’t care. I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but if it was an experiement that mattered and we got it horribly wrong, the teachers would just tell us to fix up our answers a bit. Even doing coursework we all talked and had a laugh, and if something went wrong someone yelled ‘FUCKING HELL!’ across the classroom and when the teacher came in she laughed at us. We ate in the lab (bad people, dangerous I know) and we had a laugh. In uni it’s very “stop making s much noise, concentrate, if this goes wrong we’ll string you up by the (metaphorical) balls and make you do it again plus you’ll lose marks” whick kinda sucks. I do very much enjoy the physical & inorganic sides to chemistry, things like kinetics, the structure of atoms (though imo that’s more physics) and metallic complexes. That interests me. It’s also only a small part of the course. I have been loving my physics lectures though, but I need to talk to someone fast to say that I’m unhappy if I wish to transfer this year and not be held back.

Has anyone ever changed course by the way? Or changed uni? If you could give me advice or anecdotes that would be awesome 🙂  (I think that was the correct use of anecdotes, I was never brilliant at english).

Also, now I’ve finally gotten around to it, the lovely Jessica gave me this award:

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Kreativ Blogger Award!

Which is the first ever award I’ve ever recieved! 😮
So first… 7 facts about me:

1. I am currently obsessed with cardigans, over summer and spring I wore them almost non-stop. However, in Manchester it’s that cold that I’m currently living in a jumper and my MCR hoodie (much warmer than any of my cardies) and still freezing my ass off.

2. Apparently I talk strangely. No one (even in Warrington) will believe I’m from Warrington becaise I “sound posh”. Considering half my family is from Yorkshire and those are the people I see the most this is strange. I stress the ‘oh’ in no and the ‘ah’ in bath/castle/garage, yet I still say “I’m goin’ t’loo”. =p One day I will record my voice and you can laugh.

3. I have a strange fear of proteins (mostly meats). Most ED’d people are scared of carbs, I’ll eat a tonne of bred but show me a steak and I’ll run a mile. At present the proteins I can handle are: baked beans, wafer thin ham, veggie protein, milk (in coffee/tea) and eggs.

4. I am a caffiene addict. I drink several cups of coffee and tea a day. It’s very bad for me and I think it’s turning my teeth yellow.

5. When someone tried to scare me about my accomodation saying we often got mice, my only reply was “oh cool, I’ll buy a cage and keep it. Can’t be a pet if it’s already there!”. Spiders on the other hand, freak me the hell out.

6. I like accents yet I can hardly understand what people with a strong accent say. I’m sure this makes me come across as some sort of racist because if someone forgeign is talking to me I often struggle to understand what they say, part of it is down to a hearing problem I have anyway, and part of it is just me being dense. At the same time I love to listen to welsh and irish accents, even if I don’t know what they’re saying.

7. I’m a huge geek. I love numbers, 7 is my favourite, I also like palindromic numbers and sequences like 1234, 2468 ect. When I was looking through the course content for the boything’s course the phrase “ooooh, quantum mechanics” actually left my mouth without me realising it! At the same time, I can’t do times tables. I’ve mastered 2, 4 (ish), 5, 9 (ish) and 10. That is the extend of my skills… ><

Now to tag 7 people. I think the people I would tag have all already been tagged. And I’ll have to run if I want to get to my lecture on time, so I’ll come back and do this later. 🙂

Adios Kids!

Katie x

Uni Photodump

Not as epic as some but here goes:

My room, which has since been tidied and re-tidied

My room, which has since been tidied and re-tidied

The books (minus new textbooks) and DVDs from my shelf.

The books (minus new textbooks) and DVDs from my shelf.

My sexy sexy new flappytop

My sexy sexy new flappytop

Wardrobe, plenty of room for shopping ;)

Wardrobe, plenty of room for shopping 😉

Awesome awesome keys

Awesome awesome keys

And the adventure from today:

Chemistry TextbooksThese are my chemistry textbooks (which we are extremely lucky with as these are provided free by the University of Manchester). Yes they really are huge and yes they weigh an absolute tonne.
mapAnd this is where I carried them from (somewhere in the middle of 61 which is the chemistry building) and to (82, which is Whitworth park and is conviniently placed over my house which is Derby). Up several flights of stairs and across a few roads. My arms still hurt and they were shaking so badly after wards. I could hardly lift them. The worst bit was when I had to put them down to unlock doors, picking them up afterwards was just… harsh.

Possibly proof I need to start strength training? lmao
Anyway, still have exploration to do. I’m in introductory lectures most of tomorrow!

Hope everyone’s having a good Monday and I’ll try to catch up with blogs soon.
Having boy issues atm, but that’s a topic for another post when I have more time.

Katie x

ps. This is my new hair… like it?

S'cuse the face. I was shattered after moving in, I'm not that grumpy! Honest!

S'cuse the face. I was shattered after moving in, I'm not that grumpy! Honest!

Of Shopping and Eats

Okay so a little about my shopping trip yesterday.
I woke up at 7:30 (not a happy bunny after I had about 4 hours sleep the night before) still feeling rather sick. I thought perhaps my sickness was down to a lack of food overnight and the joys of binging and purging the night before. I managed to actually haul my ass downstairs and into the kitchen by about 8 and made myself a delicious bowl of porridge with blackcurrant flakes.

Oats with blackcurrant fruit flakes. Nom.

Oats with blackcurrant fruit flakes. Nom.

That seemed to help and even though I still felt rough I agreed to go because my sister had been wanting to go for ages. Wrote the super quick post that I was meant to leave on my way out of the door but hit save draft instead of publish *facepalm* fixed my makeup and headed off at about 9:30.

Blurry suits me. I <3 my headband though. 'scuse the mess :)

Blurry suits me. I ❤ my headband though. 'scuse the mess 🙂

Primark opened at 11 and we got there around opening time. About ten minutes into shopping I remembered why I don’t stop at Primark often. I love the cheap, cheerful and occasionally really stylish clothes there, but by 11:15 it was already getting pretty busy and things are so hard to find too! I started getting stressed and anxious and put back everything I picked up near enough (apart from a wooly black boyfriend cardigan – love them) and ED went mad. I was so stressed and so convinced I looked hideous and everyone was staring at me and I would look awful in everything and people were wondering what I was doing picking up that when I was so large. Not a fun time. Plus ED was telling me how great my sister looked and how she would look much better in this or that than I would. I might as well have been shopping with Kate Moss with how terrible I felt next to her. Anyway, it wasn’t a great time for me. To add to which when I was standing in the queue I started getting pains in my stomach like someone was poking my insides. Eurgh.

We went to TJ Maxx afterwards which was much quieter and I calmed down a lot. I thought the pain might be stress but it didn’t ease off so I thought maybe I’m hungry, it’s several hours since I ate. Had a piece of Runm & Raisin fudge I packed. That didn’t help, actually it made me feel sick. Oh well. Picked up a pair of David and Goliath PJ pants for only £9.99! I was so happy. I ❤ David and Goliath. After that we hit the Arndale and checked out the sales. Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and River Island were all let downs. Shame on them. Actually I’m a pain to shop with in the sales, because I won’t buy anything unless I would have paid full price for it. It works well for me, means I love evrything in my wardrobe that *I* bought. Seriously I’d rather have one £20 teeshirt than three shirts and a pair of jeans that cost £20 together. Actually I did see a few awesome tops in Miss Selfridge but everything I liked was either a size 14 or a size 4. Neither of which I am. H&M was much nicer as far as cheap things that looked good, but the one teeshirt I liked I spent too long looking at and convinced myself I have more than enough black stuff. *facepalm* Then we hit New Look. New Look and I have a kind of love affair (don’t tell the boy!) and their sale was HUGE! I picked out a few awesome things, sadly some didn’t come in my size and this amazing skill vest was only from the Tall Range and came to my knees. Not what I wanted. I did pick up a cute teeshirt though before heading upstairs to shoes (my mum forbade me from going in the full price stuff 😦 ). OMG the size of their shoe department. Died and gone to heaven doesn’t cover it! The New Look in Warrington is decent sized but it only has about four racks of shoes, this was half the top floor! After spending forever trying on various pairs (including the traditional ‘find the biggest most rediculous heels you can and try them on’) I got a pair of versatile black pumps.

After all that I was pooped and my sister was famished! She got six Millies Cookies, 3 milk choc chunk, 3 white choco chunk (one day I WILL be able to get one of my beloved Oatmeal and Raisin again without crying or starving for the rest of the day to compensate). Millies Cookies are awesome, so warm and melty in the middle. We also stopped at Greggs another place I used to love, where my sister got a cheese and ham sammich and my mum bought some sausage rolls. I whipped out my snack-a-jacks and started munching as we found our way out of the Arndale. We were going to do more shopping but I really wasn’t feeling it 😦 I felt ill and tired so we headed back to the car and set off home. I finished my snack-a-jacks and apple in the car and had another lump of R&R fudge. Apparently this one really wanted to hurt my teeths 😦 I think it’s the sugar. I prefer toffee to fudge but I don’t think they do R&R toffee?

Pictures of my purchases will come when I am less lazy. 😉

For tea I had a huuuge plate of food. Sammich and salad. Large volumes of food are an issue for me regardlesss of calorie content, but I managed it.

omnomnom look at the size of it!

omnomnom look at the size of it!

Today I am back at work. I had tasty blackcurrant porridge again for breakfast (had to use up the fruit flakes) and look at the packed lunch I made 🙂 Yup more fudge in there, and that big silver thing is my sammiches, we have tin foil in the house again!

Monday's packed lunch

Monday's packed lunch

Right now I’m slurping up some tasty soup and trying to catch up on one of the two episodes of House MD I missed last night before I have to go shower. Ikcy greasy hair = sadface Katie.

I’m a bit worried about my mood lately. It’s like I’m PMSing all the time. This is super bad because PMS turns me into ultra-bitch intent on insulting and killing everyone within 100 miles including herself (okay, slight exaggeration but I really am horrible and moody). I’m wondering whether it might be the pill? If it is no wonder it’s such an effective contraceptive! I wouldn’t come within 100 yards of me, let alone want to sleep with me! XD
Oh well, if my stomach is still playing up I’ll make a Doctors appointment and ask her about it then. Really though I can’t take much more of this, one week is bad enough, the mood swings are insane.

Hope you’re having a happy Monday!
Katie x

ps. Thinking now I feel a bit like I misled you all with the fear foods thing. The food I listed are fear foods while I’m in a restricting-type mindset (add to that cereal and raisins as they’re definite binge triggers) but if I’m in binge mode I fear nothing. Literally. Greasy fried food, things like peanut butter and high calorie bars, fast food, whole chocolate bars… none of that ‘scares’ me in binge mode. I can (and will) eat it, in massive quantities. It breaks my heart.
Sorry if that triggered anyone, tell me and this paragraph is gone like that *snap* I just felt like a bit of a liar, or that I was giving across the view that I never ate those things (mid july I ate half a jar of pb in one go. I had to put it in the outside bin 😦 ).

Life would be easier if I could just stick to one behaviour. Then I could just eat more/eat less rather than having to eat more but be careful that I don’t send myself spiralling into eating everything. Sorry, I’m being a whiner. I’ll hush now 🙂


Today I am challenging myself. My mood has improved slightly (thanks for all the wellwishes by the way guys, the blogosphere really is AWESOME!) and really after the monotony of the week so far I thought it’d be a nice change to give myself a bit of a challenge. Granted, I may be going a bit overboard here but oh well.

1. I’m going to try my best not to count calories or guess calories for the rest of the day. Yeah… I counted my breakfast calories *facepalm* but even if I manage not to count or guess at lunch it will be better than I’ve done in a long time.

2. For lunch I am getting a salad from the make-your-own salad bar at Sainburys and possible *gasp* a biscuit from the patisserie. Just the one because I don’t trust myself with more (I will probably binge). Okay so the biscuit may end up being a no go, but the salad is definitley on! I told my mummy in advance.

3. Kind of related to two but I’m having a pizza and movie night with the boy. I get to pick the pizza, which is a trail of box reading in itself, and I will eat at least one slice. 🙂 I want to get a veggie one but the boy doesn’t like mushrooms and they seem to be on all of them. Pain that he is. So I guess it’s cheese and tomato. Or I make him just pick off the mushrooms and I’ll eat them.

I’m taking my camera (I have it with me now) so I’ll try and get pictures of some eats today. Speaking of which, pictures will be posted tonight or possibly tomorrow depending on whether or not I come home. *grins*

On a sie note, and a bit of a downer really, exam results are out in… six days :o. This is giving me nightmares, which is why I haven’t been sleeping so well all week. I mean really it’s terrifying. This little piece of paper I’m going to be given on Thursday will determine whether or not I get into university (and which university – which will determine whether or not I can travel to PCMHT appointments). Terrifying isn’t it?

Also, I just realised my about me isn’t really about me… more about my eating disorder. Over the years my ED has become who I am, which, when you think about it is really depressing. 😦
So I was thinking about maybe doing a post just about me, and my life and all that Jazz if you guys were interested? You might have to help me out and give me some quickfire questions because I really am useless at thinking about things about me that aren’t about ED too, the bugger.

On the going vegetarian think I posted about I think I’m going ahead. I’ll be lacto-ovo (milk & eggs). I’m doing it for a mixture of reasons, I really do care about animal welfare and treatment. And also, I just don’t like the taste of meat at all, it really repulses me to eat it, and if I’m going out somewhere ‘I’m vegetarian’ sounds so much nicer than ‘I really don’t like meat’. Bit worried about telling my mum (who will panic despite the fact I have a huge list of alternative sources of protein and iron) and my friends, as one of our group turned vegetarian a few years ago. To give her credit she’s really stuck to it, but she did it for the wrong reasons and sometimes takes it too fat. She turned vegetarian because she was obsessed with Morrisey and I’m all for animal rights and strong beliefs, but when one week you’re fine eating a meat feast pizza with the rest of us and the next you go into a house where someone is cooking chicken in the kitchen and declare “I can smell MURDER!” you’re taking it too far. She actually refused to go into a friends kitchen because there was a frozen chicken on the floor (in the wrapper) waiting to go in the fridge after it was cleared of beer bottles.
Am I being too harsh? Please tell me if I am, I’d hate to be judging her wrongly. It just seemed very suddenly extreme to me.

Anyway, I better go. I’m updating from work and I really should get on with it XD
Adioski loves
Katie x

ps. I’m sad to see so many awesome bloggers leaving. How I Mash Potato and Oh So Ravenous are just two on my blogroll who’ve left 😦 Have I jinxed the community or what?
Just kidding guys, hope you have fun in the real world and keep fighting and rovering. You two were really inspirational. 🙂